AZ Veteran Art Program

In 2013 the Arizona Art Alliance implemented a program to give back to our Veterans through therapeutic fine instructions. “The Art of Healing” title was chosen to reflect our efforts to help Veterans deal with the wounds of war, namely Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Driven by the passion of Arizona Art Alliance Founder, John Fontana, an effective therapeutic art program series was developed and coordinated with our member Veteran Outreach organizations.

Said John Fontana about the program:

      “When I started the Hobby Lobby Veterans’ Art Outreach Program in June 2018, I had a brief idea of the benefits that creating art would have on the Veterans. Looking back I find how very wrong my assumptions were. The benefits encompass the Veterans, Coordinators and Volunteer Art Instructors. Once an artist teaches our class, they sign up to teach again and again.”

      “The Veterans’ art improves every month and with that accomplishment one can watch the beautiful butterfly emerge out of their chrysalis. This is a life changing metamorphosis to behold. Art really heals and saves lives, I watch it month after month.”

For more information about this program, please click on the following link: AZ Veteran Art Program