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Original art for sale by Scottsdale Artists. Browse our art gallery and find unique art, different art styles, and different types of mediums. Colorful abstract artwork, contemporary and modern art for sale, styles by mixed media and collage artists. Realism, Abstracts, Southwestern art, Arizona desert landscape paintings, animals, and nature.

You’ll find an exceptional collection of watercolor artists, oil painters, abstract acrylic paintings, mixed medium art, and collage artists. You’ll be pleased to buy this framed artwork for the office or home.

Among our list of artists and original art for sale, you’ll find:

  • Still Life Art
  • Abstracts
  • Portrait Artists
  • Watercolor Painters
  • Paper Collage Artists
  • Flower Paintings
  • Landscape Paintings
  • Plein Air Artists
  • Tropical Art
  • Western Scene Painters
  • Painted Gourd Art

Browse our unique and original artwork, paintings by local Scottsdale artists. You’ll find original and affordable art for sale browsing our Member’s Internet Art Gallery.

Sheri AshtonOil, Multimedia

Leslie Austin – Oil, Pastel, Watercolor, Pen & Ink

Laurel Bushman – Acrylic, Mixed Media, Oil

Catie Barron – Oil 

Pat Beans – Watercolor, Acrylic

Gary BinderOil

Jerry Cave-Acrylic

Dylan DunseathAcrylic

James Garrison – Oil, Drawing Media

Mary Kuhr-Oil

Marsha Lazar– Oil, Watercolor, Color Pencil,Fiber Clay

Donna Lewis – Silver Jewelry, Acrylic, Photography

Freddie Lieberman –  Mixed Media and Resin

Karen Loftus – Oil 

Carla Meeske- Photography

Barbarann Mainzer – Acrylic

Shannon O’Donnell Watercolor, Oil, Pastel

Cheryl Prather – Watercolor

Joanna PregonOil, Acrylic

Marie Provine– Oil, Watercolor, Pastel

Lorraine Sanders – Oil  

Christina Scherer– Oil, Illustrator

Pamela Shearer Watercolor 

Lynn Smith –  Oil, Acrylic

Jason StutzmanDigital Art

Barbara TibbetsWatercolor 

Delfina ValentiniArtist Painting ,Mosaic, Jewelry