Sweetwater Coffee & Tea Shop Display

Sweetwater Coffee & Tea shop display ongoing opportunity, beginning October 3, 2020

Location: 14850 N 87th Street #110, Scottsdale, AZ. (Near Raintree & 101 Fwy).

Display fee is $30.00. Checks to be made payable to the “Scottsdale Artists League.”

ARTIST OPPORTUNITY AT SWEETWATER COFFEE & TEA:  Scottsdale Artists League will have exclusive rights to hang 2-dimensional works (no size limits) at the new Sweetwater Coffee & Tea shop opening October 3rd.  

The Coffee Shop will not take a commission but there are opportunities to donate a percentage to specific charities. All sales will be handled by SAL. Participation in this opportunity is $30.00 payable to Scottsdale Artists League. As always the work must be framed or gallery wrapped and hung by either screw eyes or D-rings with wire, no saw teeth hangers. 

Show details, Prospectus, and Hold Harmless Agreement will be made available soon. 

*** Time is short! If interested in having your artwork hung, help with the hanging and/or coordinating, please email me immediately: