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Monthly Presenter – TS Loomis

July 2, 2019, Meeting Presenter – TS Loomis

TS (THEODORE SCHUYLER) LOOMIS is a Vietnam Veteran (US Air Force) holding degrees from Michigan State University (B.A. cum laude, Multi-disciplinary Social Science; M.A. Graphic Design/Marketing Communication) with post-graduate work at the University of Washington (Creative Writing) and George Washington University (Project Management). 

TS began his career as a professional photographer over fifty years ago. Loomis has worked as a graphic designer and art director, copywriter and creative director (as well as an industrial cleaner, civil engineer, salesman, marketing director, construction laborer, and deckhand). Loomis retired from The Boeing Company as a Senior Versatile Technologist. 

His artwork is collected internationally and includes mixed-media paintings (encaustic, acrylic, or photographic based), In Media Res©, commissioned portraits, fine art photography, and sculpture. Loomis’ work has been shown in one-man shows, museums, and numerous juried group shows.

      “As a designer, writer, and artist, I produce work reflective of my appreciation and need for mystery, discovery, beauty, and humor. Fresh perspectives, literal, symbolic, and metaphorical, provide the raw material for creativity.”

    “Artistic outputs—creativity expressed—can (and should!) generate ongoing insights far beyond initial exposure and interpretation. With few exceptions, my work results from the intersection of intention and intervention: I begin a project only to have it interrupted by an accident, a mistake, or a bright, shining object :-) That unplanned input is accommodated—embraced or grudgingly accepted—altering my path and yielding a synergistic outcome. Therefore, problem-solving is a critical skill in my creative armamentarium. As is patience, allowing time to discover the appropriate response/solution. 

     “Oh, and before I forget, it has to be big.”

Loomis and his spouse and muse, Megan Somerville-Loomis, live in Cave Creek, Arizona where they pursue their mutual passion: creativity. For more information, please visit