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Monthly Presenter – November 2016 – Becky Joy

plein-air-painting-300x225Our Guest Presenter, November 1, 2016 is Becky Joy. 

About Becky Joy:

I’m an artist and an art instructor living in Arizona.

I’m originally from Oregon (I think everyone in AZ is from somewhere else.) When I’m not painting or thinking about painting, you will find me on the computer, reading, in the garden, picking up or transporting grandkids, appreciating nature or traveling.

That spirit of exploration started when I was a child exploring the woods, creeks and river with my sister by our family home in Oregon. We even traveled beyond our back yard with hikes and camping trips in the Northwest, creating a love of the outdoors. With paper, pencils and pastels in constant supply, I remember hours of sitting and laying on the floor with my dad as we drew on four foot wide rolls of paper. At twelve I stretched myself and went for the oil paints. Since that time painting has been a constant companion of mine.

Random Facts About Me!

I don’t chew gum.
I make up stories about people I see.
I once put a sweatshirt on backwards and thought someone turned out the lights, briefly.
I’m good at math despite being an artist.
I explore neighborhoods when I travel.
I love reading about history.
I eat popcorn evenly around the bowl as I turn it.
I love solving puzzles of all kinds.
I drink tea everyday.
I have humor that is sarcastic and will get me in trouble if I don’t curb it at times.