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Monthly Presenter July 2016 – Amery Bohling

e4d10b_2fd7558760c6d09575cf4bcb7a2e8a2dOur Guest Presenter July 5, 2016 is Amery Bohling 

In so many words:

“Painting began with me as early as possible. No blank item has ever been safe. It wasn’t long till art became my profession. My love of the great outdoors and the quest to put it on canvas is a never-ending joy. Now I have been blessed with opening my own Fine Art Gallery on the famous Main Street in Scottsdale, AZ. The future looks bright and I will keep a brush in hand.”

Born in Lincoln NE and raised in Arizona. Amery studied art at the Scottsdale Artists’ School where she now teaches. She has a BFA from the University of Arizona and she also spent a year studying at L’Ecole Marchutz in Southern France. Currently she is a member of OPA, CAC, and BAPA. Amery is also one of the 7 artists in the Grand Canyon 7 group.