NEXT MEETING November 7, 2017

Monthly Presenter – April 2016 Linda Tracey Brandon



 Artist’s Statement

There are several recurring themes in my figurative work. I’m interested in the usual unanswerable questions surrounding the vast mystery of life, such as the passage of time, beauty and the concept of presence. I’m also interested in the intersection of reality and mystery and how realism in art can express concepts difficult to articulate in anything other than the visual sense. Like many artists, my narrative paintings are rooted in my own life experiences and are autobiographical in some degree. Lately I’ve been arranging items and people in tableaus that are metaphorical and which I hope will result in a dialogue between artist and viewer. Essentially, though, it’s all about trying to paint something that takes my own breath away from me.

I’m excited by the interplay of movement and stillness, presence and absence, expectation and memory, and the literal and the abstract. I try to create visual images that attract me and give me the opportunity to control the content of my experience. And yet, time and time again, I’m struck by how little I truly control.

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