NEXT MEETING November 7, 2017

Presenter for August 1, 2017: David Bransby

David Bransby

About our Presenter:

David Bransby is a fourth generation South African, of British descent. He developed an interest in painting and wildlife photography as a child, and started selling his paintings as a teenager. This artwork provided extra income while he was studying for his degrees, teaching, and conducting research as a professor on Grassland Science at the University of Natal in South Africa.

David immigrated to the United States in 1987 and was a Professor of Bioenergy at Auburn University in Alabama for nearly 30 years. During this time he focused his interest in art primarily on photography of African wildlife and collecting African artwork, whenever he took a trip back to South Africa. Since retiring from Auburn University and moving to Arizona in February, 2016, he resumed painting, joined the Scottsdale Artists League, and became a juried member of the Arizona Art Alliance. David’s presentation will be on photography of African wildlife and African artwork.